Serving the industry for more than half a century

A mechanical workshop focused on innovation

Our History

Rettifica Meccanica was founded in the 1960s in Chiuduno, as a family-run mechanical workshop dedicated initially to the manufacture of parts for machine tools, with a wide range of dedicated products.

During the 1990s, the company started working on new production ranges and new markets, with the manufacture of valve components used in the Oil & Gas sector, gaining the trust of international clients and collaborators. From components for Expanding Gates and Slab Gates to those for Gate Api valves,focusing on product customization.

While maintaining the historical production unit in Chiuduno, a new production unit was inaugurated in San Paolo D’Argon in 2013, with an area of over 9,500  square meters, 2,500 of which for manufacturing, allowing the production area to be expanded and product development to be further improved, guaranteeing quality and flexibility.

Our Vision

Efficient production management, integration of skills and a focus on innovation have always characterized Rettifica Meccanica’s operations.

The company not only manufactures components, but also takes part in high quality industrial growth, where synergies improve products, refine operational capacity and lead to the development of cutting-edge customized solutions.

Our Organization

A modern and open vision is supported by meticulous organization of the system.

Technology and qualified human resources work together to manage all production phases in the best way possible, aiming for maximum quality. Continuous training, skills and an extremely flexible approach allow us to meet the needs of each and every customer, offering customized products. The company also works with a group of par excellence suppliers.

Rettifica Meccanica s.r.l.
P.I. e C.F. 03077680167, R.E.A. 473093, Cap. Soc. € 100.000,00

Operational headquarters 1 : Via A. Manzoni, 34 – 24060 San Paolo D’argon (BG)

Operational headquarters 2: Via Portici Suardo, 3/A – 24060 Chiuduno (BG)

Registered office: Via Corsica, 143 – 25125 Brescia

Sales Department:
Tel: +39.035.4254493